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This notice is not a traffic ticket, and does not result in points against your license or affect your insurance premiums if paid. As such, you should consider the following: Upon receipt of a red light camera ticket, you have 30 days to contest it. You can no longer pay the initial Notice of Violation and we advise you not pay the fine, as doing so will result in a conviction on your driving record.

Write access mode violationinfo

You have three payment options: Send a check or money order in U. Please include the enclosed coupon with your payment. Write your Notice and your license plate on your check or money order. A payment box is located in the front of the Seattle Municipal Court Building for after-hours convenience.

How do I contest a ticket? Use the coupon enclosed with your ticket to request a mitigation hearing or contested hearing.

write access mode violationinfo

To submit a declaration of non-responsibility, follow the instructions on the ticket. By requesting a mitigation hearing, you will be deemed to have committed the infraction.

You may not subpoena witnesses for this hearing. You would request a mitigation hearing if you agree you committed write access mode violationinfo infraction but believe the circumstances may be such that the court could reduce or waive the penalty.

write access mode violationinfo

At a contested hearing the City has the burden of proving by a preponderance of the evidence that the infraction was committed. You may subpoena witnesses including the officer who issued this Notice of Infraction.

If you request a contested hearing the Court will schedule a pre-hearing conference, which you may waive by using the form attached to the Notice of Hearing that the Court will send you.

If your vehicle was stolen, sold by you prior to the date of the violation, or was otherwise not in your care, custody or control at the time of the violation, you may submit a sworn statement to that effect to the Court to rebut the presumption, established in SMC What happens to my license or insurance if I pay the ticket or I am found guilty in court?

A photo enforced violation is treated like a parking infraction.

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There are no issues with your license, no points assessed, and no impact to your insurance. How do the cameras work? The speed cameras operate by using digital signal processing and in-ground point-to-point loop detectors to make multiple measurements of a vehicle as it passes through the school speed zone.

The vehicle's speed is calculated based off the time it takes to travel between the loop detectors. The cameras are connected to the school zone beacons and only operate when the beacons are flashing. If the beacons are not flashing, then drivers will not be issued citations. Photos of the vehicle and the vehicle license plate taken at the time the vehicle was detected speeding in a school zone are filed along with a notice of infraction in Seattle Municipal Court.

The photographic images and video are available online at www. Does anyone review the footage? Photos and videos of violation events are sent electronically from the traffic safety camera system to the ATS data center where they are reviewed against criteria established by the Seattle Police Department.

Events that clearly are not violations are rejected at the data center. Those deemed potential violations are forwarded to SPD where trained officers in the SPD Traffic Section review and either reject or authorize issuance of citations for speed violations.

Can I see the evidence I was speeding in a school zone? You may view the photographic images and video online at www. You must use the Notice and PIN printed on the front of the notice to login.

Why does the photo on my ticket not show the beacon lights flashing? · Pay a Parking Ticket or Transit CitationYou can look up citation information, check the status of a protest, and make a payment attheheels.com you receive a parking or transit citation you must pay or protest the citation by the due date, or you will be subject to late fees and collections attheheels.com://attheheels.com NMI provides white label payment gateway services and solutions to help you grow and protect your customers.

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Persons without access to a computer can visit any Seattle Public Library branch or at the Municipal Court ( Fifth Avenue) to view photographic and video evidence. Bill Pay. What if my health insurance coverage does not include laboratory testing services?

If your health care benefits do not cover clinical laboratory testing services, you will have to pay for the tests performed by LabCorp .

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