Waxeye writing a book

December 15, Cristal Champagne, the flagship bottling of Louis Roederer, has been a favorite of Russian czars and American rappers, a symbol of success attained and celebrated. But it rarely appears on the table of the family that makes it. The Rouzauds' Champagne Louis Roederer is one of the few Champagne houses of significant size that remains percent family owned and controlled.

Waxeye writing a book

Thankful Thursday In this wonderfully exciting world in which we live humans have, certainly in recorded history, always been explorers. By that most people would, I think, immediately think of the great explorers who have shaped our modern world by discovering new lands and inhabiting them or trading with waxeye writing a book.

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Anyone reading this blog is also likely to be thinking in terms of the European explorers but, in fact, people have explored from their home country everywhere in the world. Now we have a vehicle on Mars some 35 million miles 56 million km at the closest point in its orbit from the Earth.

The first explorers I can actually recall learning about were the Phoenicians who were accomplished seafarers and traders around to AD. In contrast New Zealand was only inhabited by Europeans around years ago - very recently.

Explorers change the world with each new discovery. However geographical explorers are but a minute, though very significant, part of the phenomenon of exploration.

Every thing we have in our modern world owes its existence in our world to exploration in one form or another. We explore from the moment we are born and when we are young we explore anything we can reach with our chubby little hands and when we can't reach it without crawling we crawl, then walk and then the world is our oyster and our world gets ever larger as we get older.

In the greater scheme of things most of us are not explorers of note nor of things likely to change the world. We explore new subjects to learn, new books, new experiences, new foods, new loves and new lives to name a few of the more obvious things.

We do it without ever thinking of ourselves as explorers.

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A few days ago Wendy mentioned Spotify. I'd never heard of it. Some of you may know that one of my greatest loves is music. I constantly search for new composers and new works. Despite what is often said about the retraction of the classical music industry more and more works are being made available every month and I keep up to date via the Presto Classical newsletter.

However buying a CD just to listen to a work one has never heard before in the hope that it will be a new treasure in one's library can be an expensive and frustrating business. Enter Spotify and I have now discovered a way of listening to those very CDs legally and at minimal cost.

waxeye writing a book

The way I buy and keep my music might be about to change dramatically. So today I am truly thankful for the opportunity to explore musical pastures new.Osvaldo Quintanilla | Creative & Writing Inspiration.

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He resigned the post to give himself more time for gardening and writing. He wrote a book on insects, and translated and illustrated a book on the same topic by Linnaeus. Then he decided to start his own botanical garden, which, after several moves, was finally established at a pleasant site at Brompton, where he maintained it till he died.

Nov 17,  · Australian Magpie Large and distinctive black, white and pale grey bird with a pointed beak and red eye.

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