Troublesome neighbours essay

It will be no exaggeration to say that neighbor is nearer than God. In other words neighbor helps the man when he is in difficulty, shares the joys and the sorrows, and takes active interest in the household affairs and is also prepared to help whenever it is needed. Neighbors can make the life hell of heaven by their actions. That is why the old adage says that one should select the neighbor first and then the house.

Troublesome neighbours essay

What are the qualities of a good neighbor? Article shared by Essay Article — 1 When I think about my childhood years, I my first friends come to my mind, those who were the first people besides my family I got to know, who become my friends and grew up with me. Most of them were classmates, relatives and of course, neighbors.

Neighbors are those people who share the street, block and fences with us. For others, neighbours are considered as relatives, and they enjoy having a good and close relationship with their neighbors.

Of course, the options depend on personality of individuals, culture, and type of housing housing or apartmentsplace a bid city, a small town, or the country among others. In the first place, a good neighbor should be considerate.

Knowing that you should treat others the way you expect to be treated is a quality that makes people respect boundaries physical, social and emotional. In the second place, being sympathetic is another characteristics than a neighbor should have. An example could be a situation where you known that you neighbor divorced recently and is going through a hard time.

Maybe you will be more understanding when you see her in a bad mood, and avoid unnecessary conflicts, because you can see the way she feels. Finally, good manners and a polite way to address your neighbors can polish even the toughest relationship.

But don’t take our word for it

There are so many more characteristics that we could list, and there are many ways we could make a more accurate picture of the perfect neighbor we all want to have.

We cannot demand others to do something for us that we cannot offer to do for them.

Troublesome neighbours essay

Let us start setting the example. Essay Article — 2 Human beings are social animals. It is therefore their instinct to live together. This factor has contributed towards civilization that gave rise to splendid cities and towns.

However the basic unit of all these grand cities, and for that matter any human settlement is a neighborhood. Since we are social animals, we have to interact with each other and develop social relationship.

Troublesome neighbours essay

In this regard, it is imperative to develop warm convivial relationship with our neighbors. There are many attributes of a good neighbor.Reviews of film DVDs, including Chaplin, Antonioni and the Marx Brothers. explains five neighbor archetypes you might expect to find and how to handle them.

Neighbours essaysWhen a new suburb, town or estate is established, planners must take a great deal of consideration for how neighbours will interact and the amount of community spirit it will produce. But the question is whether high community spirit and a high level of neighbourly interaction is de.

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