Reforms of capital market

Reforms, stiff regulations buoy capital market activities in On The Capital Market Committee CMC retreat is another avenue where various stakeholders in the market met to brainstorm and address issues that affect the market. However, there were still some levels of skepticism, especially with the local retail investor, who are yet to fully embrace the market having burnt their fingers during the time of the global recession and stock market crash in

Reforms of capital market

The fund mobilized can be either short term, medium or long term. The Nigerian Financial Sector is divided into two major markets are: The Money Market and the Capital Market. Antecedents show that The Nigerian Financial System over the years has witnessed several financial reforms on the exigencies of both local and international economic environment.

It was established by SEC Decree 29 of The commission was at various times headed by the late George Akamiokhor, Mr. Musa Al-Faki before Oteh took over in SEC is charged with the dual role of developing and regulating the Capital Market.

Reforms of capital market

The commission is saddled with the responsibility to protect investors in the market and to minimize the risk of becoming victims of any malpractice. In achieving this, the Commission utilizes the following: The Exchange has fourteen trading platforms which include: High transaction costs act as a deterrent to organizations who may otherwise seek to raise funds and inhibit the growth of the Capital Market.

Consequent upon the downward review of fees and commissions, the market becomes more attractive to participants. These rules have shortened the average issuance time line in the market and improved the price discovery process for securities.

These and other measures have increased appetite for bonds and will complement the first class sovereign bond market that the Federal Government has nurtured over the last seven years.

The draft of the new Corporate Governance Codes is based on internationally accepted standards. Consequently, it is imperative that any reform of the capital market must ensure that market operators are perceived to be transparent by investors.

Therefore, meaningful reform of the capital market must include addressing corporate governance of entities and players in the market.

Publicly listed companies and significant interest entities such as banks were required to adopt IFRS in reporting their financials by January It also has capacity building programs for financial journalists and judges.

Also, the Commission supported trade groups and associations and encouraged them to develop and enhance their continuing education programs, and develop accreditation schemes. A commodity exchange facilitates trade in commodities, as opposed to shares and bonds. They include sorghum, maize, cowpea, Soya beans, sesame seeds and millets.

This is expected to ensure that capacity within the industry develops along with the complexity of the capital market product offerings.

Reforms of capital market

This is to protect retail investors, who have been identified by the Commission of lacking the ability to engage in direct investment in the capital market.

Nigeria currently has 40 CIS with a majority of them being specialized and able to provide for specialized appetites of investors. The establishment of this market was essentially a deliberate attempt to streamline the role of the Nigeria Stock Exchange and adapt the market to cater for more of the prevailing institutional arrangements.

Primarily, it was intended to assist small and medium sized indigenous enterprises to gain access to the resources at the capital market for expansion and modernization.

Alternative Securities Market was designed for small and medium firm that may not be able to meet up with the listing requirements for companies in Main Board.

It is a fund that tracks an index, but can be traded like an equity instrument. ETFs always bundle together the securities that are in an index. It holds assets such as stocks or bonds and trades at approximately the same price as the net asset value of its underlying assets over the course of the trading day.

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The difference between the bid and offer prices is known as the bid-ask spread, and is the market maker's profit. A broker-dealer licensed to execute such trades is known as a Market Maker.

Thus, clients can get settled three days after sales or purchase of stocks.The U.S. Treasury on Friday unveiled a blueprint for sweeping reforms of the U.S.

capital markets as it looks to implement Republican President Donald Trump’s agenda to promote economic growth. Reforms in Capital Market of India The major reforms undertaken in capital market of India includes: Narasimham Committee: It is a high level of committee on the financial system with Shri.

M. Narasimham as the chairman was set up in Capital Market Reforms This document is being disclosed to the public in accordance with ADB's Public Communications Policy Encouraging Investment through Capital Market Reforms Program, SP2 (RRP PHI ) CURRENCY EQUIVALENTS (as of 2 October ) Currency unit – peso (P).

A new wave of reforms including higher shareholding ceilings and lower asset requirements has opened the door wider to foreign investors looking to buy into Saudi Arabia’s capital markets. Keywords: Capital Market, Economic Growth, Financial Institutions, Financial Reforms, Stock Exchange.

INTRODUCTION There is a fair agreement in the literature that economic reforms, especially what came to be tagged Structural. Nov 01,  · The central bank is finalizing revisions to its foreign-exchange rules that would loosen some capital controls while preserving its ability to intervene in times of volatility, people familiar.

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