Mattel toy recall case study

If you think you're confused, it looks as if even Mattel, the largest toymaker in the United States, doesn't know.

Mattel toy recall case study

Gameloft Advertising Solutions Region: APAC Strategy Objective Hot Wheels has remained a beloved brand for nearly 50 years and car play is an intuitive play-pattern which has contributed to Hot Wheels' success as the top-selling toy in the world.

For toy brands, TV was once a safe bet for reaching a relevant audience of young children, who would tune in either after school or during their leisure time. But the rise of digital platforms has led the brand to reconsider their outreach.

Mattel, the year of the product recall and the rebound

Hot Wheels wanted to show consumers that the brand is more than just a static play — its products can produce an active play experience that is fascinating for children.

Hot Wheels had launched its new Track Builder product range, encouraging kids to design, create and customize their own tracks using a variety of stunts and layouts. The objective was to create a unique concept that was thrilling, interactive and engaging, increased brand recall value in kids' minds and ultimately drove sales.

Target Audience What else does this article talk about?Aug 15,  · Mattel, the world’s largest toy company, yesterday announced the biggest recall in its history. In a double-barreled announcement, the company said it . The magnet recall was unusually large because it includes toys sold as far back as , before Mattel changed its design to encase the magnets in plastic to make them more secure.

Perhaps it was convenient for Mattel to issue the magnet recall at the same time as its much smaller lead-paint recalls. Toy recalls over time. The implication of the dramatic rise in recalls of Chinese-made toys is somewhat misleading, though, because many assume that, for every recall of a Chinese-made toy, the responsibility lies completely with the Chinese suppliers.

TOY RECALLS: MATTEL, INC. CASE STUDY ANALYSIS Prepared by Sarah Fleming and Lucitania Hernandez Masters of Science in Management Candidates Report Distributed September 29, Prepared for MSM Management Writing!! Toy Recalls: Mattel, Inc.

Mattel toy recall case study

Case Study . The Mattel Company is considered the “global leader’ in toy manufacturing with over 30, people employed in over Lego Case Study Report The Lego Group was .

Mattel toy recall case study

Mattel recalled 9 million Chinese-made toys Tuesday, including Polly Pocket play sets and Batman action figures, because of dangers to children from lead paint or tiny magnets that could be swallowed.

Mattel: Getting a Toy Recall Right