Extra credit assignment iardii essay

In the classical approaches, there are five theories including systematic management, scientific management, administrative management, human relations, and bureaucracy.

Extra credit assignment iardii essay

Extra credit assignment iardii essay

Political Cartoon Analysis 5 points possible Directions: Find a cartoon on your own, or link here to find a whole bunch of political cartoons. Find a cartoon on a topic that you believe relates in some way to our current topic of study in class.

During the first quarter, we're studying the Constitution. Find a topic that relates to some sort of constitutional issue. If we're studying the Great Depression, find topics that are Depression related, etc.

Identify the cartoon by author, date of publication and name of publication b. Explain the point of view of the cartoon. What message is the author attempting to convey c.

Provide a detailed explanation of how the issue in the cartoon relates to our current area of study. You may not find a cartoon that is directly related to a topic of study. But you may find a cartoon related to economic issues such as: Governments role in the economic system, poverty, social security, etc.

You will need to be creative in your thinking. What is important is linking with the concepts we are currently studying, not the exact same topic. Current Events Analysis 5 points possible 1. Find a current event that interests you and read it.

Write up the full MLA information at the top of the page. Then offer a one paragraph summary of the current event. Make sure and address the big W's: Then, in two paragraphs, analyze the significance of this current event in light of what you now know about US and world history.

Please staple your analysis to the front of the current event. Please be aware that I have not seen all of these films, but have collected ideas from other educators.

Some are rated R, so please discuss your choice with your family, as is appropriate.


Watch the film, then write up a one page analysis of how this particular film ties into the history we have been studying in class.Nov 14,  · Edit Article How to Get a Teacher to Raise Your Grade. In this Article: Article Summary Preparing to Talk to Your Teacher Talking to Your Teacher Talking to your Teacher about a Bad Exam Result Finding Solutions and Exploring Extra Credit Following it up and Keeping it Going Community Q&A Do you need to earn a good grade to pass a class or keep all A's and B's?Views: K.

Extra Credit Assignment 30 points. This is a short, 2 page, 12 pt font, double spaced essay comparing WWII and Vietnam.

Extra credit assignment iardii essay

This paper is not about combat but about how they were viewed differently from a political perspective in the US, as well as how they were viewed by the public. Write my research paper Question description AMH – American History II – Fall Extra Credit Assignment For this assignment, you will write a one-page paper in response to the article posted on Canvas under “Extra Credit.”.

This extra credit can replace 1 missing assignment (not an Essay I/II or Research Project assignment) or 1 missed class day.

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If you don’t need to replace, this can be worth up to 1% on final attheheels.com extra credit is to essentially produce a page analysis of a community you belong to in two parts.

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