Dream act research paper outline

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Dream act research paper outline

Under current law, these young people generally derive their immigration status solely from their parents, and if their parents are undocumented or in immigration limbo, most have no mechanism to obtain legal residency, even if they have lived most of their lives in the U.

If enacted, the DREAM Act would have a life-changing impact on the students who qualify, dramatically increasing their average future earnings—and consequently the amount of taxes they would pay—while significantly reducing criminal justice and social services costs to taxpayers.

Students would not qualify for this relief if they had committed crimes, were a security risk, or were inadmissible or removable on certain other grounds. Under the Senate bill qualifying students must be under age 35, whereas under the House bill they must be under age Conditional permanent resident status Conditional permanent resident status would be similar to lawful permanent resident status, except that it would be awarded for a limited duration—six years under normal circumstances— instead of indefinitely.

Students with conditional permanent resident status would be able to work, drive, go to school, and otherwise participate normally in day-to-day activities on the same terms as other Americans, except that generally they would not be able to travel abroad for lengthy periods and they would not be eligible for Pell Grants or certain other federal financial aid grants.

They would, however, be eligible for federal work study and student loans, and states would not be restricted from providing their own financial aid to these students. Time spent by young people in conditional permanent resident status would count towards the residency requirements for naturalization.

Requirements to lift the condition and obtain regular lawful permanent resident status At the end of the conditional period, unrestricted lawful permanent resident status would be granted if, during the conditional period, the immigrant had maintained good moral character, avoided lengthy trips abroad, and met at least one of the following criteria: Graduated from a two-year college or certain vocational colleges, or studied for at least two years toward a B.

The six-year time period for meeting these requirements would be extendable upon a showing of good cause, and the U.

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Under sectionstates that provide a higher education benefit based on residency to undocumented immigrants must provide the same benefit to U.

Since section became law, twelve states have enacted laws permitting anyone, including undocumented immigrants, who attended and graduated from high school in the state to pay the in-state rate at public colleges and universities. These states all pay the section penalty by providing the same in-state discount rate to current residents of other states who previously went to high school and graduated in the state.

This would not require states to provide in-state tuition to undocumented immigrants, but rather would restore this decision to the states without encumbrance.Immigration: The Dream Act Should Pass ENC Project 3: Writing a Research Proposal Purpose Statement: My research proposal paper will focus on the issue relating to “The Development, Relief, and Education for Minors Act, (The Dream Act)”; I’m proposing a settlement to congress to pass the act.

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The DREAM Act would also repeal section of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of (IIRIRA), which currently discourages states from providing in-state tuition or other higher education . Basic research paper dream shattered essay, and start your free complimentary access to build a midsummer night s dream?

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Lawmakers Should Pass the DREAM Act Essay - Imagine a world with an educated youth. Now imagine a parallel world where children are fighting to keep a smile on their faces, because, in truth, it is the only thing they have.


Dream act research paper outline

1 Student advocates of the DREAM Act from a youth run support group for undocumented Latino students Reyes 1 Jacqueline Reyes Position Paper Professor Trent EN 10/21/10 The Impact of a Dream In today’s economy, going to college is the best choice many students make after graduating high school.

Introduction 1. 2. 3. The Dream Act Exposition of the problem What the right of education is and what it should be Thesis statement Learning should be a privilege that is acquired by individuals who are willing to.

Dream act research paper