Boys lazier than girls essay

Email Ever wonder why teenage girls can seem more stressed out and depressed than teenage boys? A new study sheds some light. Teenage girls encounter more "stressors" in life, especially in their interpersonal relationships, than boys -- and they react more strongly to those pressures, accounting in part for their higher levels of depression, the study suggests.

Boys lazier than girls essay

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Others, however, believe that boys and girls benefit more from attending mixed schools. Discuss both these views and five your own opinion Essay topics: Some people think that it is better to educate boys and girls in separate schools. Some people argue that same school education will bring benefits for both boys and girls, while others contradict this view.

Boys lazier than girls essay

In this essay, I will contend the benefits of both views and enlist my opinion. Co-education has many advantages not only for the children but also for the society.

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During same school study, boys and girls can learn a lesson of equality and they can compete with each other. This will enable them to easily get adjust in later part of their life. Moreover, this will also bring a sense of confidence and enthusiasm while to talk and work with each other.

However, in rare cases, competition can take a form of shame. For instance, if a girl wins then boys might feel insulted and they can start to keep jealous and negative attitude towards each other.

In addition to this, study with opposite sex might affect a level of concentration as studies might indulge into the activities to impress each other, have fun and playing attitude.

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On the other side, studying in separate school has its own advantages. On a positive side; separate school education will help the students to concentrate to their study only.

They can play any activity with each other and can share all sort of ideas. They will not try to compete in a sex category wise. Nevertheless, this education will be a hindrance in many ways. Whenever, boys and girls will come across each other, they will feel shy and hesitate to talk freely.

To conclude, both sort of education has both pros and cons.Essays On Boys Learn Differently Than Girls Boys Learn Differently than Girls There is so much misunderstanding taking place in everyday life – people are often arguing, considering their point of view to be the only right one, while others, who seem to have another view, are definitely wrong.

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Traditionally, girls are encouraged to remain closer to home, given less freedom to explore their surroundings, and are monitored more closely than boys (Huston, ). The OE Blog.

Boys lazier than girls essay

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Mar 12,  · It's not that boys are lazier, they are less active. In the past, women stayed home, taking care of the kids, the house, prepare the food for the husband, who was doing Resolved.

The problem is not about the rowdy problem is how you think about the rowdy boys. It is all on you. and I think it’s worse than lazy parenting – I think it sells our boys.

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