Animal farm a compare and contrast on karl marx communist manifesto

Marx and Engel's also address the influence of history and predict the future and the development of economical changes which envisions the eventual destruction of the bourgeoisie, and the creation of a class-less society. The bourgeoisie, a class that owns the Karl Marx Essay words - 5 pages significant work in his life.

Animal farm a compare and contrast on karl marx communist manifesto

Who were Marx Lenin Stalin and Trotsky? The only unifying "trait" between these men is the ideological philosophy, rooted in socialist doctrine explored and much advanced by Marx and later further developed by Lenin…, who have created a new theory of his own of socialist revolution as a method of transforming society from capitalism to more responsible social welfare of the nation and society.

Trotsky has also created a theory of his own by taking Marx work called "Capital" - writing on capitalist economy and society with futuristic outlook on the possible way of development and progress of capitalistic economy and society which under his view will inevitably come to realization of the social approach as a better way to manage economy in general, natural resources as the ground for the economy of production and social evolution of the working class, that will come to realization of the necessity for "CHANGE" and will lead to more democratic governance of the working place and social live of the nation, in the nation state.

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Trotsky is radical adept of the Marx teaching, who advocated the need for push towards the CHANGE, that it will not come by itself, that capitalist and owners of the big business will never allow for the CHANGE to take place since it will put their ownership of assets at risk and their businesses at heavy tax burden, that will make their ownership rather a responsibility then a means for self enrichment.

Therefore Trotsky theory was called a military communism.

Animal farm a compare and contrast on karl marx communist manifesto

In comparison Lenin theory was also advocating a revolution as means for CHANGE, that will not come by itself, but rather through the violent clash of massive people resistance to the present authorities and governing powers, but once achieved revolution will evolve into construction mode of the new society, and other people who did not support them at the time of the revolution will join their efforts to build a new social format of society he called communism.

Trotsky's approach to successful establishment of communist was much different he advocated that acceptance of the new form of social organization called communism would rather be possible if all the oposition and those who did not support them in the establishment of the new social form of comunism would rather be killed, to secure proper development of communism.

Stalin was much unknown political figure at the time of Lenin and Trotsky, it would rather be their student and a good memeber of the communist party of Lenin, but probably he was very good student he learned the theory of CHANGE much to well, he advanced in the party ranks much too fast, he have staged the coups inside the party, organized the conspiracies against other party memebers, then tryed to kill Lenin unsucessfully at firstbut removed Lenin from the leadership position of the communist party assumed the role of the new leader, drived Trotsky in exile to Mexico, labeled him in the party as negative element and killed all his supporters, then killed all his own opposition in the party and otside, then killed Trotsky too Later he has created a theory of communism state of his own, but it looked rather as a manual to follow for all communist party memebers.

What is undeniable to Stalin is that he has build the communist society of Russia much like Marx have predicted a centure before, in his book "Capital", Stalin has turned Russia into very industrialized nation with GDP capacity greated then United States of that time mid s and have turned Russia from rural and agrarian type of economy at the earlier to the highly industrialized nation in However the price he paid for the progress in terms of human lives that have perished in the construction process of the industrial economy of Russia was to great for Russian people to apriciate the CHANGE, they rather hate it, but in fear to become next who would perish, they have kept silence and visible acceptance.

That was the time when the LOGO heads of Marx, Lenin, Stalin of Russian communist party have been created and accepted as the natonal symbol of the communist state of Russia. Trotsky perish in times for the communist party of Russia, however his theories on social CHANGE has found the way to other communist movements and leaders around the world like in Cuba for instance Marxist Leninism.Animal Farm, written in , deals with similar themes but in a shorter and somewhat simpler format.

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A “fairy story” in the style of Aesop’s fables, it uses animals on an English farm to tell the history of Soviet communism. Animal Farm study guide contains a biography of George Orwell, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

the future came to him in a dream. In his roles of philosopher and visionary, Major represents the political theorist Karl Marx. Old Major is older and wiser than the other animals, a.

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Animal farm a compare and contrast on karl marx communist manifesto

Nov 18,  · The karl marx communist manifesto essay November 18, by Essay about my life journey anarchism and other essays epub hallucinations in macbeth essay introduction research paper on atelectasis tae harlem dissertation. In his Communist Manifesto, Marx envisions a world where everyone is equal, and where those on the lower rungs of society have as much say as those on the upper rungs.

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Although both concepts are nice in theory, “Animal Farm" shows that too much power can corrupt anyone. Karl Marx is perhaps most famously known for his philosophy on communism.

Communism is misinterpreted by many today and has been throughout history. Marx explains the strength behind a communal society, in which man finds himself through returning to himself, through the transcendence of human self-estrangement (84).

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