An inspector calls mr birling essay writer

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An inspector calls mr birling essay writer

Also, what else is most likely to come up? Mr Birling is the father, and leader of the contemptuous Birling family. He is described by Priestly as a ''Portentous'' man. Throughout the play, we see Arthur Birling being conveyed by the play write as a rather pompous and injudicious character.

How Does Priestly Present Mr. Birling in an Inspector Calls | Free Essays - Priestley wrote this play intentionally as he saw an urgent need for social change and used the play to express his desire for social equality.
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He shows no remorse or concern for his wrongful actions, unless they affect his social status. Birling is also portrayed as a defiant capitalist and extreamly narrow minded.

Priestly presents Mr Arthur Birling and a ignorant and foolish character with us use of Dramatic Irony. As Mr Birling was delivering his speech at his daughter, Sheila's engagement, he mentioned that the titanic, was ''unsinkable, absaloutley unsinkable''.

As the play was written inwe know that this bold statement is far from correct.

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Instantly, Priestlys use of dramatic irony not only proves that it is a mistaken view, but it allows the audience to understand that Arthur Birling is not wise, but infact a rather stupid and injudicious character.

Priestly is also conveying that Arthur is very narrow minded. He is only intrested in the present, and does not look to the future, Mr Birling does not have a open mind. Like most men at that time, they believed that nothing could change.

Mr Birling as a character in An Inspector Calls – Assignment Example

They believed that the rich would always rule over the poor, that the labour ''cranks'' could never be a ruling government, and Arthur Birling represents these views.

Moreover, Priestlys use of repetition on the word ''unsinkable'' suggests that Mr Birling in certain that he is correct, when infatc he is far from it, making him appear to be foolish.

On the other hand, not only does Priestlys use of the infamous titanic make Arthur look stupid, but it is also a symbol of arrogance. The titanic was a ship for the rich aristocrats ofthose who thought they were the hierarchy of society, much like what Mr Birling would like to see himself as.

So for priestly to use the titanic as a example suggests that Birling is also a arrogant and pompous chracter. Alternitavely,the dramatic quote ''unsinkable, absaloutley unsinkable'' is Priestly foreshadowing the Birlings sinking fate. Mr Birling is so certain that he knows about everything, yet he is not aware that soon he will have a mysterious visitor at the door.

B Priestly uses Mr Birlings talk of war to convey his socialists views to the audienceand opress Arthurs capitalist views. Mr Birling portrays his narrow minded views on war when he says ''you''ll hear some people say that wars inevitable, and to that, i say- fiddlesticks!

The play was written around the time when the second world war was coming to a end, so the audience are aware that Mr Birlings optimistic views are again, incorrect. Also, the play was set in2 years before the first world war, Priestly uses this small time frame to display Arthur as a injudicious character.

Priestly was aiming to use the post word war vulnerability of the audience to opress capitalist views and project his socialist views.Mr Birling is a prominent character in the play and is a ‘heavy-looking, rather portentous man in his middle fifties with fairly easy manners but rather provincial in his speech.

an inspector calls mr birling essay writer

A CHRISTMAS CAROL Plot Stave 1 Marleys Ghost Ebenezer Scrooge is at work in his counting house. Scrooge turns down his nephew, Fred [s, invitation to his Christmas party & the request of two men who want money for charity. The first thing we have to remember is that the play was performed in but was actually set in the year which probably meant that peoples views and attitudes changed in this period of time and this was done because it made people realize about what they were doing at that time.

‘An Inspector Calls’ is one of these. The play is about a wealthy upper-middle class family, the Birling’s, and how their views on living have changed since a visit from an Inspector.

The main characters of ‘An Inspector Calls’ are the Birlings’, Inspector Goole, Gerald Croft and Eva Smith/Daisy Renton.

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An Inspector Calls-Mr. Birling Essay Sample

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