An analysis of bangladesh market behavior and economy

The country formerly was known as East Pakistan. Bangladesh straddles the Bay of Bengal in south Asia. To the west and north it is bounded by India; to the southeast, it borders Myanmar.

An analysis of bangladesh market behavior and economy

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Economy Current Economic Condition of Bangladesh Bangladesh is a developing country with the population of , where economic is expanding day by day. After the independence, our economy is reformed to manage it in our own way.

Now ready-made garment RMG sector is performing very well compared with another sector. With the expansion of information technology, many new industries have emerged. But now these two sectors generating a large amount of revenue for their own and make a good contribution to our economy.

With the increase of educational status, the standard of living is improving. If these continue our economy will be a model for other developing countries.

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Although the current economic condition of Bangladesh is good enough government needs to monitor every economic activity closely. Our GDP for the year was 6. Industrial Contribution to our Economy The contribution of agriculture to our economy is most.

But now the situation has changed, with agriculture now ready-made garments RMGbank and non-bank financial institutions, outsourcing, exporting manpower adding extra value to our economy. Our economy can be divided into 15 different industries in a broader sense.

Other ten industries also contributing a considerable amount each and every year. Industrial Contribution to GDP of Bangladesh For ensuring economic growth government should take following things seriously otherwise our economy down soon.

The condition of Stock Market of Bangladesh In our capital market, there are two stock exchanges. Dhaka stock exchange has total listed companies and Chittagong stock has total listed companies. Although stock market doing well over the years a few years back stock market capital market of Bangladesh crashed.

Stock market accelerating unpredictably, at that time many investors acquire much capital gain. These falls continue for this reason many investors lost them all investment. The government tried to make a correction and still trying but it will take time to stabilize.

In if we check the index of stock market then we can see that market still not doing well. So investor must be cautious before making any investment decision in the stock market. The flow of Remittances of Bangladesh People working outside Bangladesh are contributing to our economy indirectly by sending remittance each month.

This large amount of remittance is helping us to improve our economy. Foreign currency reserve also increasing by the remittances and export of ready-made garments. Here is the scenario of remittances for the year and Remittances flow looks like stable but in this year remittances are decreased compared with previous year.

The flow of Remittances of Bangladesh Reserves of Foreign Currencies of Bangladesh There is a considerable change in the reserve of foreign currencies. If we look at the reserves for each year we will see there is a positive movement each year. In our foreign currency reserve was only million dollars whereas in our reserve is million.

An analysis of bangladesh market behavior and economy

If we can utilize this large amount of foreign currency reserves by importing capital goods and invest in productive sources then our economy will be much more efficient. This ultimately helps our economy to grow faster than previous.

Reserves of Foreign Currencies of Bangladesh Scenario of Import Every year we import a large number of goods from different countries around the world but larger portion comes from China and India.

Last year we imported from China The electronic product mainly imported from China. Reserved foreign currencies are used to import.Some Aspects of Peasant Behavior in Bengal, – A Neoclassical Analysis.

By Akbar Ali Khan. Dhaka: Asiatic Society of Bangladesh, Pp. viii, Taka cloth; taka 60 paper.

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An analysis of bangladesh market behavior and economy

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