Alyosha the pot essay

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Alyosha the pot essay

His mother had beaten him, and the children had teased him.


Since then he was nicknamed the Pot. Alyosha was a tiny, thin little fellow, with ears like wings, and a huge nose.

Alyosha went to the village school, but was not good at lessons; besides, there was so little time to learn. His elder brother was in town, working for a merchant, so Alyosha had to help his father from a very early age.

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When he was no more than six he used to go out with the girls to watch the cows and sheep in the pasture, and a little later he looked after the horses by day and by night. And at twelve years of age he had already begun to plough and to drive the cart.

The skill was there though the strength was not. He was always cheerful. Whenever the children made fun of him, he would either laugh or be silent. When his father scolded him he would stand mute and listen attentively, and as soon as the scolding was over would smile and go on with his work.

Alyosha was nineteen when his brother was taken as a soldier.

Alyosha the pot essay about myself

So his father placed him with the merchant as a yard-porter. Alyosha was delighted with his clothes, but the merchant was not impressed by his appearance. The family was not a large one. They did not take to Alyosha at first.

He was uncouth, badly Alyosha the pot essay, and had no manner, but they soon got used to him. Alyosha worked even better than his brother had done; he was really very willing.

Alyosha the pot essay

They sent him on all sorts of errands, but he did everything quickly and readily, going from one task to another without stopping.

And so here, just as at home, all the work was put upon his shoulders. The more he did, the more he was given to do.

His mistress, her old mother, the son, the daughter, the clerk, and the cook--all ordered him about, and sent him from one place to another. And Alyosha ran here, looked after this and that, forgot nothing, found time for everything, and was always cheerful.

He ordered another pair to be bought for him in the market. Alyosha was delighted with his new boots, but was angry with his feet when they ached at the end of the day after so much running about. And then he was afraid that his father would be annoyed when he came to town for his wages, to find that his master had deducted the cost of the boots.

In the winter Alyosha used to get up before daybreak. He would chop the wood, sweep the yard, feed the cows and horses, light the stoves, clean the boots, prepare the samovars and polish them afterwards; or the clerk would get him to bring up the goods; or the cook would set him to knead the bread and clean the saucepans.

Then he was sent to town on various errands, to bring the daughter home from school, or to get some olive oil for the old mother. Why should they go? He breakfasted in snatches while he was working, and rarely managed to get his dinner at the proper hour. The cook used to scold him for being late, but she was sorry for him all the same, and would keep something hot for his dinner and supper.

At holiday times there was more work than ever, but Alyosha liked holidays because everybody gave him a tip. Not much certainly, but it would amount up to about sixty kopeks [1s 2d]--his very own money. For Alyosha never set eyes on his wages. His father used to come and take them from the merchant, and only scold Alyosha for wearing out his boots.

Alyosha was not talkative; when he spoke at all, he spoke abruptly, with his head turned away. When told to do anything, or asked if he could do it, he would say yes without the smallest hesitation, and set to work at once. Alyosha did not know any prayer; and had forgotten what his mother had taught him.

But he prayed just the same, every morning and every evening, prayed with his hands, crossing himself. He lived like this for about a year and a half, and towards the end of the second year a most startling thing happened to him.

He discovered one day, to his great surprise, that, in addition to the relation of usefulness existing between people, there was also another, a peculiar relation of quite a different character.Nov 21,  · Alyosha the pot essay about myself.

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Alyosha was a younger brother. He was nicknamed “the Pot,” because once, when his mother sent him with a pot of milk for the deacon’s wife, he stumbled and broke it. His mother thrashed him soundly, and the children in the village began to tease him, calling him “the Pot.” Alyosha the Pot: and this is how he got his nickname.

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Alyosha the pot essay

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