Air powered engine

The double-acting and condensing steam engine in a horizontal configuration. Don't know what you are seeing in the picture?

Air powered engine

Stirling Engines Background During the early days of the Industrial Revolution, the brothers James and Robert Stirling were looking for a safer alternative to the conventional steam engines of the time. In they invented their so-called Stirling Engine and built a first prototype.

Because the Stirling Engine used air instead of steam as working fluid it avoided the risk of explosion of the steam engines, all too common in those days.

The Stirling Engine is a vastly different heat engine from the internal-combustion engine in your car or a steam engine.

It has the potential to use any heat source as fuel and can be more efficient than a gasoline or diesel engine.

Air powered engine

As the limits of our fossil energy resources became obvious, scientists and engineers recalled the old Stirling principle to use alternative energy sources. During the 's Prof. Kolin University of ZagrebProf. Senft University of Wisconsin and others developed the first engines using an adapted Stirling cycle with a temperature differential below 20 degrees Celsius.

Their work provides the possibility of designing Stirling Engines powered by un-concentrated sunlight or waste heat. Our Stirling Engines demonstrate the conversion of low temperature heat and light into mechanical energy.

These engines are highly suitable as demonstration models for physics courses in schools and universities, to illustrate elements of classical mechanics and thermodynamics, as well as the principles of solar energy conversion.Viper Portable Diesels Powered Air Compressor. For a high-performance air compressor that delivers proven performance on or off your truck, you need a Vanair Viper Series Engine-Driven Air Compressor.

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Air is all around us, it’s unlimited in supply and costs totally nothing, so why not use it as a power source? That’s what this Air Powered Engine Car has taken on-board and put into action in the coolest and most inventive way.

The ESA announced that it successfully tested a new prototype ion engine that’s powered by air, and could serve as a viable propulsion system for both manned and unmanned missions to Mars. Its effectiveness could also improve orbiting satellites that need to remain “afloat” for long periods of time.

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First Air Car. The first air powered vehicles were actually trains.

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The Mekarski air engine, the Robert Hardie air engine and the Hoadley-Knight pneumatic system were used in . The engine is easily converted to run on compressed air using air hose and solenoid switches, that fit directly into the spark plug holes.

Each piston is then timed by using the existing timing system of the engine, using 8 small electrical on/off solenoids.

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